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QE Series-QE8080 80V80A charger
QE Series-QE8080 80V80A charger

QE Series-QE8080 80V80A charger

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Short Description:

6.6kw Charger on board

Nominal Power: 6.6KW

Input Voltage Range:85-265Vac 1phase,Max 420Vac; 360-420Vac 3phase

Output voltage/amps: 80vdc 80Amps

Output Voltage Range:60~110Vdc

Weight: 13.5KG

Dimesions: 356×283×137mm

Enclosure: IP67

Applications: Specially designed for boom lifts, argriculture machines

Products Certificates: CEC,FCC,ETL(UL1564,CSA C22.2),CE,CB;

Cooling: Fan cooling

Can Protocol: CAN BUS Communication;

Various Charging Curves: Programmable via USB type or the Select botton;

Customized Charging profiles for kinds of batteries (Lead Acid,Lithium Batteries);

Product Detail:

AODI QE Series is the most intelligent charger with CAN Communication. HF/PFC Die-casting design charger that operates on any single phase.

AODI QE8080 is a high reliable,durable, high efficiency, and intelligent charger. Excellent heat dissipation with fully sealed aluminum die-casting IP67 design makes the product suitable for various complex and harsh environments. Designed for boom lifts and argriculture machines.

Electronic Protection

Reverse Polarity Protection;

Short-Circuit Protection;

Overheat Protection;

Low Input Voltage & High Voltage Protection(optional up to 420VAC);

Charging Lock Function;

Surge Protection;

Soft Start;


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