AODI New Facility

On August 27,2020, Zhaoqing Technology, a subsidiary of AODI, successfully bid for the state-owned construction land use right of Xiao Zhenggongchu (2020) No. 24 through public listing, and the transferred land area is 13,000 square meters. This is important milestone in the development of AODI, successfully winning the first facality, and very significant for all the AODI people.

After detailed planning and research in the early stage, the project is about to start construction. AODI will devote himself to the development and construction of the project, strive to be completed and put into production within two years, and strive to build a new energy electric vehicle core electrical component application research in Xintang , Xiaoshan District Production, manufacturing and one-stop sales service industrial park. To attract more upstream and downstream enterprises settling in this industrial zone to be better serve electric vehicle manufacturers.www.aodicn,com

Post time: Dec-10-2020
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