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AODI “Quality Month”


Quality is the life of AODI. In order to further improve the level and ability of the company’s quality management system, strengthen the construction of the company’s quality culture, enhance the quality awareness of all employees, and promote the product quality level to a new level, Hangzhou Aodi Electric Control Co., Ltd. has been closely focusing on ” Everyone cares about the quality, everyone pays attention to the quality, and everyone enjoys the quality. Good products’ quality can protect the life of the enterprise and protect the livelihood of individuals”. The first “Quality Month” activity was carried out in May.

1.Quality Month kick-off meeting

On the morning of May 11, the “Quality Month” activity launch meeting was held as the “horn” of the quality month activity was sounded. At the launch meeting,the company’s general manager, combined the spirit of the “Quality Month” theme , required all the department to implement management responsibilities, combined their own actual conditions, adhered to the “quality first” principle, and carried out activities in an orderly manner in strict accordance with the requirements of the “Quality Month” plan, organized learning and training for all employees such activities.

2.Quality Knowledge Contest

The quality department, together with the production department, the engineering department and the R&D department, jointly organized training and learning for all staff. The training content included reviewing of the historical problem experienced database and customer feedback, explanation of product technical knowledge, formulation of process standards, production process protection, etc. Systematic training has been carried out in terms of materials, production, engineering and technology, etc.; The competition types are divided into three categories: theory, practical operation, and safety. The content of the competition covers basic product knowledge, process operation methods, and quality inspection methods. , Product performance testing, etc.


3.Winners of Quality Knowledge Contest


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