6.6 kW High Power EV On-Board Charger +1.5KW DC/DC converter

Short Description:

 Free to visit our EV website:www.aodcin.com for more details. A really factory are designing, prodcuing EV chargers for the electric vehicles. 6.6 kW High Power EV On-Board Charger +1.5KW DC/DC converter This is a liquid cooling integrated 6.6KW OBC+1.5KW DC converter charging system for EV. OBC: input voltage range 85-265vac,rated output 6.6KW, flexible output 200-420Vdc/20A, liquid cooling system that have the protection function, such as: input overvoltage, output overcurrent, output overvoltage, output short circuit, over temperature and reverse polarity protection etc. Auxiliary Power: 13.8V/100W DC/DC converter: input voltage range 200V-420Vdc, 14V output, rated 1500W output power, with input over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short-circuit protection, output over-voltage protection and overheat protection. Can bus communication enable to control and obtain the products’ status.

Product Detail

  • Safety

Meet the standard of UL/EN60950 and RoHS6

  • Mechanical

Dimensions:443*326*91mm(L*W*H) Weight: 9.5Kg

  • Environmental

Storage temperature:-40℃-+85℃ Enclosure:IP67 MTBF≥300,000H Protocol: CAN Communication

  • Protection

Monitor the real-time operating temperature that enable auto reset while overheat; Output over voltage protection; Output over current and short-circuit protection; Reverse polarity protection;

  • What is 6.6 kw EV onboard charger?

6.6KW EV On-board Charger is designed for electric vehicle battery charging with demand for efficiency, robustness and safety. It is equipped with CAN communication interface, which can communicate with BMS, and the charging voltage and current are set by BMS as well as the function of switching machine.  

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