11KW OBC+3KW DC/DC Converter Bidirectional

Short Description:

 Overview

This product is a highly intelligent and integrated 9.9KWOBC + 3KWDCDC converter bidirectional system for electric vehicles, has the characteristics of high integration, small size, light weight, and high waterproof. (IP67).
 OBC: 9.9KW at 380VAC 3phase,flexible 200-500Vdc/36A
 OBC: 6.6KW at 220VAC, flexible 200-500Vdc/24A
 OBC : 3.3KW at 110VAC, flexible, 200-500Vdc/12A,

Liquid cooling way, it has protection functions includes over-voltage protection, low-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, reverse polarity protection and grounding protection, with CC, CP detection function, and electronic lock function.
DC/DC input voltage range: 200-500Vdc, output power 3000W/14V, with input over and low voltage protection, output over current protection, output short circuit protection, output over voltage protection, output reverse polarity protection and over temperature protection etc.
Three CAN2.0 interface via Can Controller Area Network to obtain product status information using CAN`Open protocol.

Dimensions: length*width*height=350*240*160mm
Gross weight: ≤10kg (including the cables)
Working temperature: -40℃-+85℃
Enclosure: IP67
Nominal output power: 3phase OBC 9.9KW/36A Max, single-phase OBC6.6KW/24A, OBC3.3KW/12A, DCDC 3KW Max



Product Detail

Safety Relations and Environmental Protection features Meets C/EN60664 standard
Product design complies with RoHS

Real-time working temperature monitoring; Input overvoltage protection;
Output overvoltage protection;
Output over current and short circuit protection; DCDC reverse polarity protection;
Power battery anti-reverse connection protection; Over temperature protection (self-recoverable);

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